John Tsagaris Wellness Clinic

Harrods VIP TCM Acupuncture Bodywork

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is an ancient however evident medical discipline investigating health and disease as dynamic a relationship. It addresses pathological symptoms holistically treating the individual, realigning the body and the mind into its optimal state of self regulation and healing capacity. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient and complimentary health discipline which identifies and addresses health issues holistically whilst realigning the mind and body through the application of acupuncture needles. Dr John Tsagaris with over twenty years’ experience in the UK and internationally, evaluates and diagnoses during an initial consultation, focusing on your health concerns, assisted by his senior Associate . Acupuncture complements any orthodox treatment you may already be receiving, encouraging the perfect balance of mind and body.

Dr John’s Tsagaris with over twenty years’ experience, a well-established practitioner in the UK and Internationally with a ‘hands on’ approach to health and wellbeing is embodied within his treatments in a dynamic meridian bodywork that facilitates diagnostic evaluation and a treatment initiative to be followed by specific acupuncture intervention. Focusing on aetiology of identified health concerns during the initial consultation. The treatment enhances self-awareness and encourages the body’s homeostatic balance. This is the ideal treatment to address health issues and complement orthodox current treatments and medication as well and musculoskeletal problems and allow the receiver to experience the power of a centred balance state of mind and body. Appropriate supplementation, dietary and life style recommendations will be advised during the treatment to support a healing outcome. 

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: £350 (introductory price for limited period only)

A course of treatments is recommended for optimum results

Package options available

Course of 4 £1,050 
(introductory price for limited period only)

Course of 6 £1,750 
(introductory price for limited period only)