John Tsagaris Wellness Clinic

Advanced Cosmetic Acupuncture with LED light therapy

The Acupuncture & LED Light Therapy Treatment

The treatment targets the different levels of our skin, activating resurfacing and the production and replenishing of collagen whilst increasing elasticity and hydration levels enhancing skin volume and its appearance. The Derma stamp is used to reinforce blood circulation, resurfacing the skin and also initiating collagen regeneration. Wrinkles and skin imperfections will reduce and fade, minimising scars large pores and fine lines. The experience is complemented with tailored LED light therapy to boost the skin activation whilst soothing on a cellular level.

The cosmetic treatment with LED light therapy enhances skin volume and appearance, affects energy (ATP) release from fibroblasts (specialised skin cells that produce collagen and elastin- which generate collagen and elastin). The skin's healing process is triggered by tailored acupuncture techniques that trigger skins ability to repair and replenishing collagen to rebuild the structural integrity of the skins connective tissue which consist of up to 80% of the dermis of the skin, making this regeneration even more crucial for the integrity of the skin. 

The Results of the Treatment

While Dr John Tsagaris’s signature acupuncture is restructuring the matrix and firming the skin from within, his beauty innovative techniques are used to reinforce blood circulation and resurface the skin on an epidermal level initiating collagen regeneration.

This is a very effective way to correct fine lines and smooth out the skin. Increases product absorbability, improving results. The treatment is complemented with LED light therapy to boost skin activation and soothes the skin from within. 

Duration: 60 minutes 

Price: £450 (introductory price for limited period only)

Package options available

Course of 4 £1,350 
(introductory price for limited period only)

Course of 6 £2,250 
(introductory price for limited period only)