John Tsagaris Wellness Clinic

About Dr (TCM) John Tsagaris

Dr. John Tsagaris is an internationally renowned doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He began his medical career by undertaking a number of oriental and complimentary diploma studies in his homeland Greece followed by an Honors Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with Human Bio-science at Middlesex University in the UK. 

He advanced his education specializing in dermatology and anti-aging applications at Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. John holds a postgraduate diploma in dermatology and has been practicing in London for over 20 years. John has extensive experience in applied Chinese Medicine, including clinical internships as a TCM physician in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine at Xi Yuan and Yi Yuan Hospitals in Beijing, China, specializing in skin disorders, gynecology and geriatrics. 

John is the pioneer doctor to bring the concept of cosmetic acupuncture in the UK and since then he is a leading authority on facial acupuncture.  Renowned for his bespoke beauty and well-being treatments, John is regularly invited as a guest practitioner to some of the world’s most prestigious medical spas and private clinics around the globe, with a large international celebrity following including supermodels, A-List actors, TV presenters and international stars. 

John is a regular expert contributor in the media. He has been celebrated as “One of the best private doctors in the UK” in the media and he is frequently quoted in a wide range of UK and international press. He is currently based in the iconic Harrods Wellness Clinic in London and does frequent visits in international wellness destinations.

Following many years of practicing TCM and in particular, treating dermatological conditions, John extensively investigated innovative aesthetic techniques to enhance his bespoke treatments with a very scientific and result based approach. He is a member of ATCM (Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and S.A.M.N.A.S. (Aesthetic Medicine and Non-Ablative Surgery Society).